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Smoke Or Die Entertainment is a site that is dedicated to bring as much information to our supporters as we can.
  As such we run as a professional website and we try our best to bring the truth and not spread false information. As such we follow one simple rule.
Fan Boys Not Welcomed!. Close minded or judgmental people are as well not welcomed. we feel that everyone here on this site has a voice and should share there own thoughts on things. And not be Judge for what the know or feel. 

We try to respect each and every member of the site and try to give them a place where they can be them selfs. And learn something as there time is spent here on the site.. 

If your a gamer and want to share your passion for games and the only thing you love the most and are a fan of are the games them selfs and not the system there on. 

If your into or wanting to know about the Paranormal and have real facts and evidence about the paranormal. And not wanting to be part of a site that is here to be "STAR" and have a show on syfy and do it only for fame and not to a real  Paranormal Investigator

If you want to know the full story behind the headlines on todays entertainment news. Want to know whats really going on.. And want to help get to the bottom of it all.

Then please join the site.. not only become a member but if you have the passion like we do.. And want to help.. sine up as a staff member.
 We love to welcome you. 

Editor In Chief.
Armando Garcia.

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