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Posted by Armando Garcia on March 10, 2010 at 11:43 AM Comments comments (0)

Well the site is finally up and running..

  You may have notice that it now say WWW.SmokeOrDieEntertainment.Com and not WWW.PNGNetwork.WEBS.COM.. Well that is because we now own this site..  and P&G Network is no more.. I think Smoke Or Die Entertainment sounds a lot better and its more respectable. as you can see the banner and everything else.. 

But you must be thinking  "What does this have to do with E3?!". well with this refit of the site and it now being ours and not a free website.  the people at E3 will see that we are a real Entertainment site. so they will have to let us go .. in any case.. this new look is only the beginning. I will be posting the article of Greg stone.. good friend of mines who worked on Star Trek TNG. and will be sharing with you some photos he sent over. 

Other then that Vivi will be doing some Articles as well. and might do something with an Interview with pee wee lol.. gonna have to stay tune to that.. and once we are at E3.. we will be brining you everything thats happening at the show.. 

  So hope you love the site and keep coming back..

   This is Armando Garcia sining off for now!!

Exhibitor List

Posted by Armando Garcia on February 26, 2010 at 1:53 PM Comments comments (0)


Exhibitor Booth On Floor Meeting Room Permanent Meeting Room

505 Games 501C

Activision 510, 511B, 511C

A.L.S. Industries/R.D.S. Industries 5332 West

Atlus U.S.A, Inc. 4966 West

Atomic-Accessories 5735 West

Autodesk, Inc. 519

Azuradisc Inc. 3151 South

BDA 5312 West

Bethesda Softworks 4100 West

Bigben Interactive 4871 West 5739 West

Blitz Games Studios 5067 West

BradyGames 4770 West

Capcom Entertainment Inc. 4900 West

Casio America Inc. 4010 West

Children's Miracle Network 4450 West

City Interactive 517

CompuExpert 629 South

Creative Distribution Ltd. 4004 West

Creative Mind Interactive Inc. 5640 West

CTA Digital, Inc. 5506 West

DDR Game 523 South

Deuce Entertainment, LLC 4666 West

Digiwinner 5859 West

Disney Interactive Studios 1001 South

DreamCatcher Games 5644 West

dreamGEAR 5300 West

dtp entertainment 4974 West

DXT Inc. 5554 West

Dynaflex International 5854 West

Electronic Arts, Inc. 1601 South 406AB

Epic Games 501A

Exspect 4129 West

EZ Games Distribution, Inc. 3051 South

ForceTek 5500 West

Gaikai 4870 & 4971

Game and Entertainment Mobile Systems (G.A.E.M.S.) 3054 South

Game Informer 516

Game Outlet Europe 529 South

GamersFirst 2803 South

Game Source Inc. 4666 West

Gamepark Holdings Co., Ltd. 413 South

Gamer Grub 3246 South

GameSpot 4312 West

GameStreamer 601 South

Gameworld Distributors 2957 South

Gamtec Technology Development Co., Ltd 5659 West

Gazillion Entertainment 511A

Grace Marketing Company 323 South

Griffin Marketing & Promotions 4766 West

Havok 5067 West

Hori (U.S.A.), Inc 5660 West

iBeta Quality Assurance 3047 South 4452 West 407

Ignition Entertainment 4300 West

IGUGU 2853 South

Immerz, Inc. 3248 South

InComm 4022 West 4767 West

Infernal Engine 5167 West

Innex, Inc. 5514 West

Inspired Instruments, Inc. 2847 South

Intergi Entertainment 4117 West

Iode, Inc. 5759 West

Iron Will Innovations Inc. 521 South

JFJ Disc Repair 3049 South

Kanex 2959 South

Konami 2423 South

Logic3 4980 West

Lion Works 223 South

LucasArts 404AB

Mad Catz 5080-5179 West

Majesco Entertainment 512

Marjacq Man 4880 West

Mastermedia 3052 South

Mocomtech Co., Ltd. 3056 South

MTV Games 1047 South 5074 West

Music Mastermind, LLC 4979 West

MusicSkins LLC 2947 South

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. 835 South

Natsume, Inc. 823 South

nDreams Ltd. 5166-5170 West

Nintendo of America, Inc. 4922 West 409AB

Nordic Game Resources AB 5636 West

North Side Inc. 4131 West

Novint Technologies Inc. 3060 South

NOX Audio 520 South

NVIDIA 4866 West

Nyko Technologies 5322 West

O-Games 5544 West

OnLive, Inc. 801 South

Paradox Interactive 4774 West

Parature 4766 West

Parrot 5267 West

Pega HK Limited 2847 South

Penguin United 5850 West

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. 5112 West

Performance Designed Products LLC 513

Playseat 5614 West

Power Play 3046 South

PRO VS. GI JOE 4036 West

Prima Games 5066 West

Proximo Games 422 South

Razer 5070 & 5171 West

Realview Innovations, Ltd. 5654 West

Rebellion 4867 West

Royal Electronics Inc. 2946 South

RTI Disc Repair 3146 South

Sakar International 5606 West

Scanavo North America Ltd. 5844 West

Sega of America, Inc. 2023 South

Senitype 5662 West

Shanghai Hongli Technology Co. Ltd. 5536 West

Slang 2647 South

Solutions 2 Go 3148 South

Sony Computer Entertainment America 4522 West 504, 505

Sony DADC 4975 West

Sony Online Entertainment 4600 West

Splitfish 623 South

Square Enix, Inc. 1647 South

SureDisc Disc Repair Service 2953 South

Take-Two Interactive 2823 South

Taiwan Pavilion 547 South

Tecmo Koei America Corp. 2447 South

TERA 537 South

The Get-Well Gamers Foundation 5852 West

The Video Game Club 3250 South

THQ 2001 South 303A

Trion World Network 847 South

TRITTON Technologies Inc. 317 South

Turtle Beach 417 South

U-Way Corporation 5846 West

U.S. Games Distribution 3055 South

Ubifrance 429-423 South

Ubisoft Entertainment 1023 South 306A

Univenture, Inc. 3149 South

Video Game Advantage 3147 South

Video Game Voters Network

VMC Game Labs 2961 South

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment 2401 South 308B

WCN 5848 West

XBOX 360 1637 South 304C 305

X-Games Inc. 3053 South

Yoostar Entertainment Group 501B

Zeroplus Technology Co., Ltd. 2955 South

Zivix 5760 West

Zoo Games Inc. 4670, 4771, 4775 West



Current Exhibitor list as of February 25, 2010.

New Year means another E3 is just around the corner

Posted by Armando Garcia on February 23, 2010 at 6:36 PM Comments comments (0)


As a new year hits, some of us gamers wonder whats new to be shown at this years E3. I have to say that last year was a really big hit. it remind me of the classic E3. as a big show and all the big top guns of the game industry. like Sony, Microsoft & even Nintendo. has something to show. but the biggest bomb I think was Microsoft's Project Natal. A huge game changer in my eyes. yet I know some gamers would think that its just a gimmick and nothing else. but I see what Natal can do and what it could do. you have to admit that the demo of Milo shown at E3 was something to stop and Awe. Just think, you can have a conversation with a AI char in a game & it understanding you .. yea there where other demos but that one really blew my mind away.


So it got me thinking. what will they show at this years E3.. who will take the show this year?.. what will Microsoft show that will steal the show with there Project Natal?.


Will we find out how much will it cost?. what games will come out that you could use Natal on. And how will Sony & Nintendo do this year?. $0what bag of tricks do they have coming?.. It is a most wonderful time to be a gamer.$0$0There is a word going around that Twisted Metal will be making its return. tho there is no final word on that.. and what about Sony going the way of XBOX LIVE in having to pay for the survice?.. what will they do to want to make us pay?.. that we would have to wait and see ..


as for the Square Enix side of things ( I AM A HUGE FAN OF FINAL FANTASY XI ONLINE ). will there be a demo of FF XIV there?.. and will we Playstation 3 owners get a beta for it?.. I can't wait.. What about the old LinkShell that was used to talk in Final Fantasy XI.. Will it be back in XIV?. again we will have to wait. but one can only dream for now. Till then....

See you all at E3.

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