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Posted by Armando Garcia on March 17, 2010 at 1:49 PM Comments comments (0)


The Ultimate Cooperative Skateboarding Game Takes Players to a True Skater’s Paradise

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – March 17, 2010 – Black Box, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio (NASDAQ: ERTS) announced today that SKATE™ 3, the latest installment in the award-winning franchise, will be in stores in North America on May 11th, 2010 and worldwide on May 14th, 2010. Redefining the skateboarding experience, SKATE 3 breaks new ground by letting gamers build their ultimate skate team both offline and co-operatively* to take on new challenges or competitive battles against other teams.

“Since the very beginning of the Skate franchise, we have captured the true essence of skateboarding, be it from the feel of nailing that perfect trick, to the feeling of just hanging out and sessioning with your friends,” said Jason DeLong, Senior Producer. “For us, SKATE 3 is the culmination of this endeavor – the most connected, accessible and social skateboarding experience yet.”



In the all-new Skate.School, Coach Frank acts as a mentor and teaches newcomers the ropes by showing them all the ins-and-outs of skateboarding as they hone their skills on the sticks before hitting the streets with their team. Veterans will also feel right at home in Skate.School as they refresh their skills but also learn all the new tricks SKATE 3 has to offer including darkslides and underflips.

Gamers can hit the streets with the pros in the all-new city of Port Carverton – a true skater’s paradise with unique districts, skate parks, and endless lines. For fans with a creative flair, the new Skate.Park editor allows gamers to create their own dream plaza or mega-ramp park from scratch or use the Object Dropper to alter the landscape of Port Carverton to truly change the face of the city. In the end, SKATE 3 delivers a completely immersive and connected experience giving gamers the tools to build and share their own skate parks, videos, and photos with all their friends by uploading them directly from their console or importing custom created graphics & logos from the Skate website*.

SKATE 3 features a deep roster of the world’s greatest skaters including several Thrasher Skater of the Year winners.

Andrew Reynolds

John Cardiel

Benny Fairfax

John Rattray

Braydon Szafranski

Josh Kalis

Chris Cole

Lizard King

Chris Haslam

Lucas Puig

Colin McKay

Mark Appleyard

Dan Drehobl

Mike Carroll

Danny Way

P.J. Ladd

Darren Navarrette

Pat Duffy

Dennis Busenitz

Ray Barbee

Eric Koston

Rob Dyrdek

Jason Dill

Ryan Gallant

Jason Lee (as Coach Frank)

Ryan Smith

Jerry Hsu

Terry Kennedy

Joey Brezinski


No More Chrono Trigger?. Where has Squaresoft ( Not Square Enix) has gone?.

Posted by Armando Garcia on March 11, 2010 at 1:21 PM Comments comments (0)


Recently I was reading an issue of GameInformer (#203}.

And they had an article called "Missing in action, Has your favorite franchise gone dormant?".

And I came across the one they said about Chrono Trigger. Saying the likelihood of another one is not good. they even said that VP Shinji Hashimoto staited he wasn't keen on bringing it back.. said that if the fans wanted this to go on they should have bought more copys of Chrono Trigger for the DS.


So this made me think.. did Chrono Trigger do well in sales?.. is it not worth making a 3rd game in the franchise? .. I thought Chrono Cross did really well in sales. And why should the sales off the DS say if there should be a 3rd or not?.. not every fan of chrono trigger has a DS.. they might have a PSP or a Sony playstation 3 or hell even a 360. don't you think SE should bring out Chrono Trigger to one of these playforms ?.. Oh wait they did!. Sony came out with one back on the playstation one.. And it ( like Cross) did well in sales.. Hell what should have happen was Chrono 3 should have came out for the Playstation 2 .. And if it would have done well we could have seen 4 on Playstation 3 ( or 360 since now SE is making more and more games on there).


So why would the sales of the DS tell you not to make more of these games?.. they like all of your old classic RPGs are golden to make a return.. but SE won't do it.. Just like they won't do a remake for Final Fantasy VII ( and you know fans would eat that up). They even staited that a remake of FFVII would take to long to make. to much work would have to go into it, if they made a PS3 version to look as good as XIII. Don't that sound like lazyness to you?.. I mean really. let say you make a product and it sold soo much that after years have gone back fans wish to see a remake, is that not worth doing?.. are we fans of SE games not worthy of a remake?..


I don't know.. It seems that SE is not the Co I once knew.. wait SE is not that co I knew.. the Co I knew that made these classic games was called SquareSoft!!... And it seems like ever since then they have lost there way. Come on guys. do what capcom and sega are doing.. go back to your roots. go back to what made you guys as good as we know you guys can be..

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