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We here at Smoke Or Die Ent Love to cover a range of topics. Not just gaming & the paranormal. But entertainment News and everything else. 
 We like to be the site. the voice of the entertainment world and letting you hear there side of things. We love to do interviews with Writers, Composers, Directors, Actors, Singers, Anyone in the entertainment world. we wish to be come there voice and not have them worry if we are going to tarnish them.. we give them a chance to speak.. give there side of the story . 

As huge as our goals are. We feel that this goal cane be done with the help of our fans & our staff. everything we do. we do it because of your help. Our staff are not the only ones who keep this site going.. It is you the fans.. The members who keep it going. 
As I am writing this ( March 14th, 2010). The site is just starting. The site has not taken off yet. But like I said, it will be up to you the Fans/Members & Staff. To help this site grow and let people know what we are about.. We are open minded and Free thinkers. We are a Site dedicated to our goals. We are dedicated Video Game Editors, Entertainment News Editors. And Dedicated Paranormal investigator.

We are not a site run by Fan boys. 
We are not a site run by Close minded people.
We are not a site run by Judgmental People.

We are a site run by passionate and caring people.

If this sounds like a site that you would be interested in then hit the join member or join staff link on the top of the page.. 

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As you can see. there are lots of ways to tune in on Smoke Or Die Entertainment. 
 We run a Podcast, Live & Recorded shows. so you can always stay up to date on everything the site has to offer.. 

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Are you a huge fan of Final Fantasy XI?... 
  Can't wait for Final Fantasy XIV online to come out?... Need help in the both games?.. want to share your LinkShell to us?..
Want to meet new friends to share you passion of the game?.. well head over to our Final Fantasy Online Fan page.. 
 A Site where we will be posting anything and everything thats about Final Fantasy Online.. 

The site welcomes all fans of final fantasy.. so feel free to join.. 

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